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IBIA BUNKER TRAINING COURSE - Conference Center, 2nd floor

Tuesday: 07 November 2023

The IBIA Bunker Surveyor Course is an intensive training program focused on imparting the necessary skills and knowledge for conducting accurate bunker surveys. The curriculum covers crucial topics such as understanding fuel types and regulations, safety procedures, practical techniques for sampling and gauging, and methods for accurate fuel quantity calculation, including MFM. The course also teaches participants the importance of detailed documentation, ethical practices, and professionalism. By combining theoretical instruction with practical exercises, this course aims to prepare participants for a successful career in bunker surveying, ensuring fair trade and compliance in the global maritime industry.

Upon completing the course, attendees will be awarded the 'IBIA Certificate of Completion'.

08.00 Registration for Training

- Coffee Break

- Lunch

- Coffee Break

17:00 Training Ends

Welcome Reception - Yacht Club, 1st Floor

Tuesday: 07 November 2023
19:00 - 21:00

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