IBIA Workshop
Tuesday 6th November 2018 
In addition to our two-day IBIA Convention and Exhibition, delegates have the opportunity to join our Workshop - 'Ethics'.



 Lunch Break


Workshop - 'Ethics' 

Moderator: J. Steve Simms, Principal, Simms Showers LLP

Co-Moderator: Victor Frederic Garcia Bragado Garzo, Head of Compliance, Monjasa





What would you do?  What is the right thing to do?  What standards should the bunkering industry follow?


  • Ethical companies make more money. 

  • Ethical companies attract and retain the best employees.  They have the most loyal customers. 

  • Ethical people in those companies make more money too.  They live longer and enjoy their jobs more.

  • IBIA’s Ethics Workshop  - Tuesday, 6th November 13:30 – 16:00 focuses on how you can enhance the ethical culture of your company, and our industry.

  • The Workshop features case studies to work through with small groups of your fellow participants.  It gives action steps for you and those you lead and work with

  • We’ll focus on how you can implement IBIA’s new Code of Ethics at your company, and encourage others in our industry to embrace IBIA’s Code of Ethics, too.

  • The Workshop also presents a unique time to interact with other IBIA members, get to know them better with frank discussions, and exchange ideas about best practices.

*Registration free