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AMSOL is a specialist marine solutions provider with clients in the Energy, Ports, Mining and Maritime sectors. As a South African owned, medium-sized company with 550 employees, 18 assets and a footprint across all of Southern Africa, AMSOL is a trusted marine partner to global clients with a world class track record in fuel logistics and transportation, and has the competency and experience required to manage high risk operations involving the transfer of fuels between vessels inport, inshore or offshore. Highly experienced personnel, a strong SHEQ focus and in-depth technical knowledge and maritime and marine experience ensures that we deliver a risk managed solution. A team of AMSOL specialists seasoned in effective communication are the link between fuel source and recipient, safeguarding our ability to meet international standards and requirements. Whether we’re delivering fuel accurately and timeously to vessels in port utilizing a fleet of modern bunker barges and tankers in a 24/7/365 operation or managing discharge and loading operations of tankers working petroleum products and crude oil, our risk managed approach together with a dedicated team ensure environmental protection and safe operations.

For more information, visit www.amsol.co.za


Cockett Marine Oil

Cockett Marine Oil was founded in the UK in 1979 by Neil Cockett, whose aim was to provide an independent specialist marine fuel service to the shipping industry. Over the past four decades, the organisation underwent rapid expansion with the opening of strategic global offices in locations such as the USA, Brazil, South Africa, the Netherlands, Turkey, India, China, Singapore and Australia.


Since 2012, Cockett Group has been 50% owned by Vitol, the world's largest energy and commodity group, and 50% by Grindrod, an integrated logistics and specialised services group, both with a combined industry experience of 150 years. In the same year, we moved our operational headquarters to Dubai as one of the world's prime east to west maritime hubs.


Today, Cockett Group is an international leader and acknowledged value-added reseller of marine fuels, lubricants and petroleum products, with an annual revenue in excess of US$2 billion. We currently employ over 160 employees representing 30+ nationalities based in 15 offices with 600 service points across five continents. Our multicultural working environment benefits our organisation and its counterparties by combining the best local business practices and international expertise to bridge business operations across the globe.