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Empowering travel and transport at sea is a complicated business. It demands specialist expertise, infinite resources and constant vigilance. With variable price points and multiple communication lines to navigate, bunkering can be a logistical, administrative and contractual nightmare.

It’s only getting more complex. Now, we have to meet cleaner fuel demands and stricter, safer emission regulations. But while greener energy resources are set to usher in a cleaner era for marine bunkering, they also create new operational challenges for us.

Something we take as an opportunity to learn and improve. For more than four decades, we’ve been pioneering ways to turn refuelling challenges into business successes for our clients and for us. That progressive spirit is why we’re now one of the world’s leading bunker suppliers. Today, we sell and supply fuel and lube oil for shipping clients across the world.

We know when it’s time to do things differently. And that the easier, safer and swifter it is for ships to refuel, the sooner clients can get on with their voyage and channel time and resources into the rest of their business. That’s why we’ve launched Bunker One, a global physical fuel supply network offering the most seamless, streamlined bunkering out there. Combining our group’s experience, intelligence, trading acumen and reach with innovation at its most agile and accessible, it makes refuelling simpler than ever before.

Powering this enhanced simplicity? Our people. They go the extra mile and do more for clients so they can do less.

Bunker One. Fuelling Simplicity


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Cockett Marine Oil was founded in the UK in 1979 by Neil Cockett, whose aim was to provide an independent specialist marine fuel service to the shipping industry. Over the past four decades, the organisation underwent rapid expansion with the opening of strategic global offices in locations such as the USA, Brazil, South Africa, the Netherlands, Turkey, India, China, Singapore and Australia.


Since 2012, Cockett Group has been 50% owned by Vitol, the world's largest energy and commodity group, and 50% by Grindrod, an integrated logistics and specialised services group, both with a combined industry experience of 150 years. In the same year, we moved our operational headquarters to Dubai as one of the world's prime east to west maritime hubs.


Today, Cockett Group is an international leader and acknowledged value-added reseller of marine fuels, lubricants and petroleum products, with an annual revenue in excess of US$1.5 billion. We currently employ over 140 employees representing over 30 nationalities based in numerous offices with 600 service points across five continents. Our multicultural working environment benefits our organisation and its counterparties by combining the best local business practices and international expertise to bridge business operations across the globe.

For more info please visit Cockett Marine oil Website: www.cockett.com

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About Island Oil Holdings

Founded in 1992, Island Oil primarily dealt with the marine bunker, lubricant supply and trading. The company was quickly embraced by the industry and was entrusted by blue chip clients from local and international shipping markets, building a strong reputation as a reliable partner-supplier. Island Oil Ltd is a recognised trader-supplier in the global bunker market. This has been achieved through a client-oriented approach, strong financial management, controlled growth and a highly skilled and trained team of professionals. Headquartered in Limassol, Island Oil Ltd is the flagship of a group of companies mainly active in the marine and domestic fuels sector. Island Petroleum Ltd, member of Island Oil (Holdings), has physical supply stations in Cyprus, Romania and Israel, while Island Oil has additional offices in Piraeus, Singapore, United Kingdom and Odessa. Vessels utilised for bunkering and/or cargo transportation are managed in-house by Petronav Ship Management Limited www.petronav.com.cy, which is also a member of the Island Oil Holdings group. Island Oil is a member of IBIA, BIMCO, CYMEPA, CSC, and CMC.

For additional information, visit www.island-oil.com

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Methanol Institute (MI) serves as the global trade association for one of the world’s most vibrant and innovative industries.  Founded in 1989 to help further the growth of international methanol fuel markets, MI now serves its members in every corner of the globe from our headquarters in Singapore and regional offices in Washington, Beijing and Brussels.
MI’s membership includes the world’s leading methanol producers, technology companies, distributors, terminal operators, and shippers.  Our mission is to serve our members as the voice of the global methanol industry, while providing them with cost-effective value by:

• Promoting the growth of the methanol industry through active engagement with
governments around the world in support of various public policy initiatives;

• Providing leadership on product stewardship and responsible care, to ensure the
proper and safe handling of methanol across the global distribution chain; and

• Ensuring that the best available science is made available to help further the continued development of methanol and its derivative products.


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Simms Showers is one of the world’s most active law firms working in the areas of vessel arrest, maritime attachment, and related maritime remedies for creditors.  The Firm regularly advises leading bunker traders, suppliers and brokers on the many critical issues in advance of 2020, including important revisions to sales terms and conditions, bunker delivery receipts, and sound credit and recovery planning.  Simms Showers has to date recovered over U.S. $500 million for its clients in vessel arrest and maritime attachment proceedings throughout the world.  The Firm has represented major creditors in most every international maritime bankruptcy over the last 25 years, including Hanjin and OW.  More information is at the Firm website, simmsshowers.com  


J. Stephen (“Steve”) Simms, Principal of Simms Showers LLP serves as Chair of the International Bunker Industry Association (IBIA) Legal Working Group and is a past member of IBIA’s Board.   Mr. Simms has been extensively involved in bunker quality dispute claims and represents a number of bunker traders and suppliers in the recent Houston-Panama-Singapore bunker quality claims situation.  He is a frequent speaker, writer and instructor on issues essential to the bunkering industry and chairs IBIA’s Ethics Working Group.  


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Starbulk SA, a wholly owned subsidiary of STAR BULK CARRIERS CORP, manages a diverse and modern fleet of high-specification bulk carriers that transport cargoes efficiently and in a way that protects human health, the environment and the vessels in operation, and that meets or exceeds the safety and quality standards of the industry. 


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The leader of the fuel and lubricant sectors in Turkey, Petrol Ofisi was founded as the first and national brand of Turkey on February 18, 1941 with a personnel consisting of 9 employees.

The World War II marked an era when the problems in the fuel sector peaked, and Turkey was completely dependent on outside resources; in this period, Petrol Ofisi claimed the duty and responsibility “to provide these needed products, to deliver them to all over Turkey, and to strengthen Turkey and carry the country into the future by supporting all sectors, and especially agriculture and industry.”

Owing to its successful and devoted endeavors since the first years of its foundation, Petrol Ofisi has an unparalleled storage capacity and infrastructure, through which it can operate even at the remotest place of Turkey. In addition to its network of stations, Petrol Ofisi has strong infrastructures, and under the PO Marine and POAIR brands, it is a company capable of providing all kinds of fuels for land, marine and air vehicles. Petrol Ofisi is also the traditional leader of the lubricants and chemicals market of Turkey, where it has been operating since it was first founded in 1941.

Today, Petrol Ofisi has a strong and unparalleled infrastructure in Turkey, consisting of nearly 1.900 fuel stations, supplier of more than 1.400 village pumps, 8 fuel terminals, 1 LPG terminal, 18 airport refueling units, 1 lubricant factory, and approximately 1 million m3 of storage capacity. In addition to its personnel under the General Directorate, consisting of 850 employees, it also indirectly creates employment for thousands of people through its dealers. The company’s total revenue was 43.6 billion TL in 2020.

Petrol Ofisi traditionally maintains its titles as “the leader of fuel sector in Turkey”, “the market leader of lubricants and lubricants and chemicals in Turkey”, and “one of the three biggest companies of Turkey.”

For more info please visit Petrol Ofisi oil Website: www.petrolofisi.com.tr

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Ship & Bunker - News, Exclusive Features, Bunker Price Indications - The World's Most Read Publication for the Marine Fuels Industry.


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Since 2002, Prime’s is the longest running privately owned bunker fuel broker company, servicing the best Greek shipping companies and the best global bunker suppliers around.
We call ourselves Purchasing Agents because we are using our expertise to help negotiate, arrange, and manage our clients’ marine fuel procurement, as if it was our own vessel. We act as brokers only.

At Prime’s, we do it with CARE: Commitment to Accuracy, Reliability, and Excellence.
Our team of experts come from all the sectors of the supply value chain and offer their know-how to handle the entire inquiry process: from introduction to the supply value chain, supplier & trader credit lines, providing alerts of oil futures spikes, quality product, collection and negotiation of prices, time validity reminders, claims prevention, delivery & after follow-ups, basis 24/7/365.
We aim to make the buyers’ work life easier, by helping to drive their buying strategies with the right counter parties so they can perform more efficiently on the formidable tasks of vessel’s operations and international regulations.

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