IBIA Annual Convention


Connecting East & West to Get 2020 Straight

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22nd - 24th, OCTOBER


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The International Bunker Industry Association (IBIA) would like to welcome you to the IBIA Annual Convention 2019, on 22th-24th October 2019, in Istanbul, Turkey.

The IBIA Annual Convention is one of the most anticipated Bunker and Shipping events in the industry, held annually in different countries around the world, with highly acclaimed speakers, sponsors and delegates. 

In addition to our two-day IBIA Convention and Exhibition, delegates have the opportunity to join our industry-leading IBIA Bunker Training Course and our workshops.

Attendees, including Ship Owners, Bunker Suppliers, Traders, Port Authorities, Regulators, NGOs, Brokers, Lawyers, Surveyors and Academics, are expected to attend the Convention.

IBIA has arranged a dynamic series of sessions around diverse topics, which will cover a broad spectrum of issues, with a specific emphasis on the future challenges facing the Bunker and Shipping Industry. 

IBIA is the voice of the global bunker industry and represents every aspect of the industry value chain from Suppliers to Buyers, Traders, Brokers, Port Authorities, Regulators, Surveyors, Ship Owners, Barge Operators, Testing Companies and a host of other service providers.

What to expect?

Last year Annual Convention was held in Copenhagen, Denmark, where The International Bunker Industry Association welcomed a record-breaking number of attendees from all over the world.  It was our most successful Convention to date, delivering lots of quality content and ‘hygge’.

The IBIA Annual Convention 2018 brought together close to 200 stakeholders from across the sector, including bunker buyers/consumers, bunker providers (oil majors, independent suppliers, traders), regulators, port authorities, various service providers and consultants to forge connections, exchange views, educate and prepare for the changes ahead.

So what did we learn? Are we ready for 2020? A key message from IBIA’s Annual Convention was this: Preparation is the key to success, and the good news is that many in the industry are preparing. There were reassuring messages from the supply side that the necessary products will be made available when the time is right. Technology solutions and support systems are available and increasingly gaining traction. And while it is clear that shipowners and operators have many concerns about the 0.50% sulphur limit, we heard from several operators that are carefully planning and preparing for every step toward full compliance by 1 January 2020; including tank cleaning and effective fuel management. These are encouraging signs.

We had the biggest and longest-lasting episode ever of ships encountering severe fuel-related problems which were not readily discovered during routine testing against the ISO 8217 quality standard. Supply chain control needs to improve, another area where technology may help bring, at least, better transparency.

We had enlightening discussions about ethics and how unethical behaviour can cause more than just reputational damage; it can bring a business down.

IBIA recently launched a Code of Ethics for the bunker industry and while it is easy to be cynical about this, we have to dare to dream big.  Our dream is that it can be the first step on a journey towards a cleaner industry which we can feel proud to be part of, where we are not all tarred by the same brush and suppliers are seen as trustworthy business partners.