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Unni Einemo

IBIA Director &

IMO Representative

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10:00- 10:15


Henrik Zederkof 

Senior Director Bunker Holding  IBIA Chairman

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Kitack Lim

Secretary-General of the International Maritime Organization (IMO)

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The following series of on-demand presentations feature industry experts sharing in-depth knowledge across a wide array of subjects, all of them highly relevant to today's diverse and changing marine business environment.

Complying with EEXI and CII – the Starbulk case’

Presentation by Fotis Belexis - Technical Director, Starbulk SA

Bunker fuel – sailing through the changes

Presentation by Shiva Gupta - Director, Oil Markets and Downstream Refining, IHS Markit

Displacing Heavy Fuel Oil Use in Marine Shipping through Biofuels:  Opportunities and Feasibility

Presentation by Mike Kass - Distinguished Research Staff, Fuel Science and Engine Technologies, Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Fuel EU Maritime, EU ETS and bunker tax proposals – overview and questions

Paper by Unni Einemo - Director, IMO Representative, IBIA

All presentations are on demand viewing and will be available for download.

SESSION ONE: Regulatory Updates  
10:50-12:10 GMT

Gain first-hand insights of the latest updates from the IMO and how the EU’s Fit for 55 package will affect shipping and bunkering.

Moderator: Steve Simms - Principal, Simms Shower LLP


Unni Einemo - Director and IMO Representative, IBIA

Robert Harper - CEO, Euro Eco Fuels

Jeffrey G. Lantz - Director of Commercial Regulations and Standards (CG-5PS), U.S. Coast Guard

Followed by a live Q&A session

SESSION TWO: Leadership briefing: Top bunker supplier and trader executives
discuss the state of the industry

-13:20 GMT

Key industry players representing bunker suppliers gather to discuss the latest developments within the global bunker supply space and offer insight into what we can expect in the year ahead. Indeed, the last 12 months have witnessed an unusual level of change and disruption, which has included further consolidation on the supply side, the challenges for suppliers due to IMO 2020, and highly challenging Covid-era economic conditions. 

Moderator: Mustafa Muhtaroglu - Founder, Energy Petrol


Cem Saral - CEO, Cockett

Peter Zachariassen - CEO, Bunker One

Timothy Cosulich - CEO, Fratelli Cosulich

Chrysostomos Papavassiliou - Managing Director, Island Oil (Holdings) Limited

Followed by a live Q&A session

SESSION THREE: Shipping’s Challenging Decade – dealing with the energy transition
13:25-14:30 GMT

Buying bunkers used to be quite straightforward; most ships ran on HSFO, and used MDO or MGO for auxiliary engines. Then came emission control areas (ECAs) and IMO 2020, which brought new fuel types and technology solutions to the market. Now we are looking at the even greater challenge of reducing GHG emissions from shipping. Our shipping panel discusses the challenges they have faced in their bunker purchasing strategies in the past two years, and how they think we will go from here as emission regulations tighten, both from the IMO and regional initiatives such as the EU “Fit for 55” proposals affecting shipping. 

Moderator: Sadan Kaptanoglu - Shipping Manager, Kaptanoglu Shipping 


Peter Aylott - Director of Policy, UK Chamber of Shipping 

Dragos Rauta - Technical Director,  INTERTANKO

Cihan Ergenc - Chairman, Turkish Shipowners Association

Dimitris Monioudis - Technical Committee Vice-Chairman, INTERCARGO

Followed by a live Q&A session

SESSION FOUR: What is the path for energy transition in the next 20 years?
14:35-15:25 GMT

The need to reduce emissions of air pollutants like SOx and NOx has already been driving the industry toward new types of cleaner-burning fuels. Going forward, the decarbonisation drive will have an even bigger impact. Which alternative fuels are currently in favour? How long will LNG remain part of the picture? When will we see the first large zero-carbon cargo ships, and how long will it take for these ships to become the majority? Join industry experts introducing what we should expect in the years ahead, how the new fuels will work in engines and what preparation needs to be done for the zero-carbon transition.

Moderator: Constantinos Capetanakis - Bunker Director, Starbulk SA


Chris Chatterton (Methanol)  - COO, Methanol Institute 

Henrik  Zederkof (Fossil Fuels) - Senior Director, Bunker Holding

Mark Smith (Hydrogen) - Loss Prevention Executive, The North of England P&I Association Limited

Michael Banning (Ammonia) - Associate | Thermal Sciences, Exponent 

Guido Cardullo (Biofuels) - Head of Business Development, Fratelli Cosulich Spa

Followed by a live Q&A session

Future Fuels Workshop
15:25-16:10 GMT

We invite all our attendees to join the panellists and members of IBIA’s Future Fuels working group and participate in an interactive live extended Q&A/workshop, following directly after Session 4.
This LIVE workshop will continue the discussions as to what we should expect in the years ahead, how the new fuels will work in engines and what preparations need to be done for the zero-carbon transition.
The format of this session will reflect the IBIA member meetings, using the Teams platform, meaning all participants will be live on the screen and have the opportunity to ask in-depth questions, share and exchange knowledge in person.



SESSION FIVE: Regional focus on prospects for bunker markets around the world
10:00-11:05 GMT

How do you see the future of bunkering and what are the main challenges?
Representatives from the 5 key regions (Asia / Middle East / Europe / Africa and Americas) review the past 12 months, as well as a look into the future.

Moderator: Jack Jordan - Managing Editor, Ship & Bunker


(Asia) Timothy Cosulich  - CEO, Fratelli Cosulich 

(Americas) Zach Stansbury -  Commercial Director, GCC Supply and Trading

(Africa) Jon Hughes - Managing Director, SABT

(Middle East) Colin Holloway - Global Head - Technical, Cockett

(Europe) Davide Anghinoni - Bunker Desk, Saras Trading SA

Followed by a live Q&A session

SESSION SIX: Price Mechanism for current and future Marine Fuels
11:10-12:15 GMT

The significance of ICE gasoil, crude, VGO and outright VLSFO for indexing VLSFO, and a look at pricing for alternative fuels.

Moderator: Paul Hardy - Business Development, Nautical Supply 


Stefka Wechsler - Marine fuel and fuel oil price analyst, Argus

Thomas Sosnowski - Managing Editor, Americas Marine Fuels, OPIS by IHS Markit

Thomas Washington - Senior Writer, Transport fuels, S&P Global Platts

Ishaan Hemnani - Founder, BunkerEx

Followed by a live Q&A session

SESSION SEVEN: Bunker Quality - How is it changing
12:15-13:20 GMT

Our expert panel provides an update on current trends in marine fuel quality, in particular VLSFO, and where any problems are emerging. We also examine the relationship between ISO 8217 and fuel trends.  

Moderator: Unni Einemo - Director and IMO Representative, IBIA


Chris Turner  - Manager Bunker Quality and Claims, Integr8 Fuels

Gunnar Kjeldsen - Global Business Development Manager, Bureau Veritas 

Monique Vermeire - Fuels Technologist, Marine and Powergen, Chevron

Wajdi Abdmessih - President, Seahawk Services

Timothy Wilson - Principal Marine Consultant Engineer, FOBAS, Lloyd’s Register 

Followed by a live Q&A session

SESSION  EIGHT: CREDIT - Supply Chain Challenges in Today's Bunker Market
13:20-14:25 GMT

Representatives from across bunker credit management address the industry’s finances, how it has recovered from the high-profile bankruptcies in 2020 and how access to credit will change in the coming years. 

Moderator: Kieran Michael C. Brown - Group Credit Manager, Island Oil (Holdings) 


Jonathan Mclroy - Head of Trading - Bunker, Al-ghurair Energy

Hasan Ozturk  - Senior Credit Analyst, Dynamar

Sinan Utlu - Head of Credit, Maersk Oil Trading

Panos Panousis - Managing Director, Infospectrum

Followed by a live Q&A session

IBIA Bunker surgery
14:25 GMT

Hosted by Adrian Tolson - Director and Lead, BLUE Insight and IBIA Board Member

IBIA is taking an increasingly vital role in representing the bunker industry as we all address the challenges of regulation and decarbonisation.  We are committed to helping our members and industry stakeholders be fit for this transition.  As part of the IBIA 2021 Convention, we invite both members and non-members to join us for a unique ‘Bunker Surgery’ session with IBIA Board members.

We will assemble a broad cross-section of the Board of IBIA to answer your questions regarding specific industry issues or general policy.   It is important for the Board to be accountable to the IBIA membership, and on this occasion we will also welcome non-members to participate in this meeting to ask questions and get to know us better.



SESSION NINE: Enforcement: What to expect?
-11:05 GMT

The bunker industry is still struggling with varied levels of strictness in the enforcement of the 0.50% limit around the world. A panel of experts discuss how the rules are working in practice. 

Moderator: Unni Einemo - Director and IMO Representative, IBIA


Bjarke Staal - General Manager, Termoil

Steve Simms - Principal, Simms Shower LLP

Mark  Smith - Loss Prevention Executive, The North of England P&I Association 

John Sze - Deputy Managing Partner, Joseph Tan Jude Benny LLP

Princet Ang - Assistant Director for MPA’s Flag State Control Department

Russell Amacher - Environmental Compliance Coordinator, U.S. Coast Guard Headquarters, Office of Commercial Vessel Compliance

Followed by a live Q&A session

SESSION TEN: Bunker Licensing and Mass Flow Meters
11:10-12:30 GMT

IBIA has stated its ambition to work for Bunker Licensing schemes, preferably including Mass Flow Meters, to be implemented in the top bunker hubs around the world as a tool to promote best practices, transparency and trust between suppliers and buyers.
Stakeholders discuss their views and positions.

Moderator: Alexander Prokopakis - CEO, probunkers


‘IBIA on Bunker Licensing’ presented by Unni Einemo, IBIA Director and IMO Representative

Svend Stenberg Mølholt - Group COO, Monjasa

Eddie Fish - Market Development Advisor Aviation & Marine Fuels, ExxonMobil

Oguz Onalan - General Manager, Bunker Trading & Operations, Europe & Africa, TotalEnergies

Ron Van Gelder - Advisor, Port of Rotterdam

Nicolas Yerie Vukelja Duque - CEO, Terramar

Bjarke Staal - General Manager, Termoil

Helle Graesdal - Head of Bunkers/Alliance Executive, Frontline and Golden Ocean

Followed by a live Q&A session

SESSION ELEVEN: Bunkering and Digitalisation
:35-13:45 GMT

Digital service providers to the bunker and shipping industries discuss how their firms are changing the market, improving efficiency and addressing anti-corruption and compliance issues.

Moderator: Adrian Tolson - Director and Lead, BLUE Insight


Darren Shelton -  CPO, Fuel Trust

Deanna MacDonald - Co-Founder BunkerTrace, BunkerTrace

Jeff Mildner - Founder, Vortex Development Group

Christian Plum - Co-founder, Bunkermetric

Followed by a live Q&A session

13:45 GMT


Sofia Konstantopoulou - Global Head, Marketing and Events, IBIA